Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pass the Word and sad news from Kindergarten

I know I posted about this a long time ago- but just wanted to send out a reminder for any of you that may read today. Please pass along this information: The 1st meeting is tonight at 6:30. Please email me at adairlaney@gmail.com if you know of anyone that might be interested in coming- we will be meeting again in early March.
Sad news from Kindergarten:
Our hamster, Teeny Sugar, went on to the great hampster heaven in the sky over the weekend. It was really hard telling the kids, but I want them to know that death is part of life, and that we didn't just send Teeny Sugar to the "farm". We read a book called the "The Tenth Good Thing About Barney" which is about a little boy that looses his cat. The book talks about where the pet might go after dying and about how the pet makes flowers grow in the ground. The kids made up their own list about the things that we loved about Teeny Sugar. Here is a picture of the poster that they made: so cute!!

Death is a hard topic to approach with 5 year olds: Have any of you appoached this differently???- I'd love to hear other ideas: I'm sure our other hampster "Sergio" will not be far behind "Teeny Sugar"- so please give me your suggestions!??!!

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The Blacks said...

Adair, I had no idea of your struggles. You and Cal will be in my prayers. I spent lots of time yesterday browsing other blogs from your roll. I have such a heart for women struggling with fertility. It is a totally (so far) unsubstantiated fear of mine. I guess we will see in a few years :) In the mean time, you will be in my prayers. I will be posting a story in the next few days that may encourage you ;) email me (my address is on facebook) if you ever need anything. *hugs*