Sunday, October 19, 2008

life in residency....

I know I never put up any posts. I never really have alot of big news. ha! Residency consumes our there is no time for any news. ha. Cal is still working hard at UAB and I am pouring myself into work. I am at home alone today...that seems to be the norm during residency! I guess the biggest news we have is that Ava learned to shake last week...ha...yes we have such an exciting life. We just try our best to fit as much time together as we can with our crazy schedule.

Cal and I went to Tuscaloosa this weekend to watch the Rebels play...sad loss. At least we stepped it up during the 2nd half. We met up with Luke, Cal's brother, and Bo. We sat down at our seats and two good friends from college just so happened to have seats right next to us. It felt like old times listening to Drew and John yell at the Rebels! ha! I can't believe we are all so grown up and married now. ha..