Friday, October 22, 2010



...weekend to not be a mom

...Friday to sit in silence

...3 nights to not sleep with one eye open

...few times to feel hiccups and kicks

...few times to struggle getting in and out of a chair LOL

...times to look at empty swings

...few days to not be able to smell and kiss my sweet babies

Last time before A LOT of firsts...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Miracle...

36 weeks!!!!
I am HOME!!! I have been here for a week. I was in the hospital for a grand total of 8 weeks, including all of my admissions. I was there for a running 6 weeks this time before I was finally discharged to come home! I wish that I could have journaled this experience a lot more than I have...but with the I.V.s and magnesium...typing with a level head was just out of the question. I am so happy to say that our God is still in the "miracle working" business. I mean...I have been contracting in a labor pattern since I was 23 weeks pregnant! At 33 weeks, when I became 3.5 centimeters dilated and 100% effaced, the contractions literally STOPPED! If that is not a miracle...I do not know what is. I still have the normal "braxton hicks" contractions a few times a day, but definitely not every 5-10 minutes anymore. I am now 36 weeks and 1 day!!! As Cal says..."That is just crazy talk"! I will NEVER forget the night at the hospital at 26 weeks when we were told that we were going to have to be transferred to UK to have our babies.....I will never forget looking up at Cal and seeing the fear in his eyes. It was the most sobering moment of my life. A nurse came into my room and put her hand on me and Cal and began to pray. I will never forget that prayer, and I will never forget the way that it made me remember who was in charge. Our God is such and amazing God. He has a reason for everything. If the only reason behind why we had to go through what we did was to be a testament for His glory and for His ability to work miracles...then this has been worth it all.
I know when I see these little faces in a week and 4 days...I will see another reason why this has been worth it! As of now, I am LOVING the little kicks and hiccups and literally cry when I think of how I only have such a short time to have them all to myself like this. Although, this has been a very challenging has been the best experience of my life. I have looked forward to this all of my life, and nothing can steal my joy!
I will leave with a few pictures of how our house is changing and turning into a home ready to "bring home babies":
I am a little obsessed with these car seat covers! Love them...
This is a very special picture in the nursery of the other set of twins in our family... my grandfather Edward and his twin Edwin:
Lucy's side:
Jack's side:
Below is Lucy's "coming home" gown. On top of the shelf are shoes and books that were mine and "Chuck's" (Cal's dad) silver baby cup. Also, her "coming home" bonnet that I had made for her. It is appropriately called the "Ava" bonnet by the company...ha
Jack's "coming home" gown and bonnet. On top of the shelf is a blue glass carriage that was Cal's, his little shoes and silver baby cup, along with a set of fairy tale books that belonged to me:
The changing station is one of my favorite things....I love that it is sunny and has a good view too. This window was just a bay window and my dad built the shelves to turn it into the changing station.... I LOVE it! My mom made all of the lamps in the room! How talented is she?
Cal's mom did the glazing on the nightstands and chest of drawers! They match PERFECTLY!!! I am just in love with the nursery!!!

...and last but NOT is our 1st baby trying out some of the "baby gear"....she is having mixed emotions as this is her last week of being our "only child" LOL: