Sunday, February 8, 2009

HE never let go!

Listen to music with video- refresh video if it starts after reading post----The Lord has done great things for us and is still doing great things. If you know us- you know the amazing meaning behind this video and the song accompanying it- He is truly amazing and I will forever thank Him for my prince charming- although my "prince charming" is not "perfect"- I would never expect him to be---- but HE is perfect- the One Who brought us together- please note that as we grow- there are pictures that match each other of similar events in our lives- Happy early Valentines my sweetheart-You are the most amazing blessing in my life...I thank the Lord above everyday for you.You are by best friend and my LOVE- thank you for always believing in me! HE never let go!
I can see a light at the end of the tunnel---for a heart that holds on! I will fear no evil--- for our GOD is with US! and if our GOD is with us then whom shall we fear???

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