Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The "Little" Things!!

P.M.- UPDATE on the "little" things:
Another "little" thing happened today that really brightened my day- I went to our UMW Bible study group and was able to share with them my idea of starting a small ministry for women that are waiting for their child. The idea was very welcomed and I found out that there are a few more women that really need this type of prayer group as well. I was very blessed by the fact that I followed my heart and brought up the idea to my group.

Here is the flyer that I made: (If you know anyone that would be interested in joinging this prayer group- PLEASE pass this info along- we will have our first meeting at my home.)

A.M- Today I recieved a special email from a parent of a student that I had last year. Her name was Madeline and she was so special to me. This is the email from her mom:

Madeline was watching the movie Matilda - don't know if you've seen it - but it is about a little girl who lives with the worst parents ever. She gets to be really close to her teacher b/c her parents totally ignore her. The parents eventually leave and she asks the teacher to adopt her. It is a cute movie (funny even though it doesn't sound like it) and in the middle Madeline said - if that happened to me, I would get Mrs. Laney to adopt me, she meant it to! She really misses you.
Here is Madeline- isn't she the cutest!!!! ( and I WOULD adopt her!!)

This made my morning- then I had a student from this year walk up and give me a drawing- I get one of these "drawings" every other minute- but this is what made this one extremely special. She handed me the drawing and said: "Mrs. Laney, I worked on something really hard for you- do you know why I did that?" My response (indignant and busy) "No hun, why?" and she said "Because you do so many things for me, and you give me so many things, like reading and writing, that I just HAD to give something to you." I swear I got tears in my eyes. Here is the masterpeice! :)

I'll be looking for more "little" things to post about as the day goes by- this should be a fun project!

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Areta said...

Wonderful Blog entry! I will have to start looking for the "little things" too!