Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Favorite Things about Teaching!

I love about a million and one things about my job... so I just thought that I would take some time to point out some of the things that I love the most! I will be constantly updating this post as the week goes on... I"ll start with one tonight:

Here are some of my favorite things!
1. I could listen to them read ALL day long!!!
2. My classroom!!!
3. My drawers- that a teacher definitely designed!
4. Their sweet handwriting!

5. Sweet little hands!

6. Sweet little eyes!

7. bumps and bruises that always need kisses!

8. Pretty little drawings!

9. Inquisitive little eyes!
10. They SING to me...yes she is singing to me... "Oh Come all ye Faithful!"
11. Missing Teeth- it has to be the cutest thing ever!
I'll keep adding to this post all week....

1 comment:

Kirk Family said...

Love your classroom! I'm sure you do love those drawers, any teacher knows that they're perfect. I could also listen to them read all day. I enjoy checking your blog. Glad that you're posting more!