Monday, February 16, 2009

A New Friend!!

Hello All and Happy Monday!!! Ava haw a new friend next door!!! yay! Our neighbor, Kevin, found this Siberian Husky-mix puppy under some brush as they were clearing a field on Saturday. They seriously saved this puppy's life. He was eaten up with bugs and fleas. They took him to the vet and got him all cleaned up. On Saturday, all he wanted to do was sleep...but Sunday, he was a bit more active, and today- Well- you can see for yourself in the video- he is a full-blown puppy now! We know he is part siberian husky- but we can't figure out what the other part is- What do ya'll think???

Here is the video of Ava and the pup playing- notice the tail biting going on haha- Ava is scared to death of him for some reason- she will attack the biggest lab- but for some reason will not let this dog get near her- notice how she freezes when he approaches her...haha

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The Lamey Family said...

Hey, girl! So great seeing what you are up to these days! I am going to check out your recipes now!