Sunday, February 22, 2009

Adair Flair

As I was posting this morning on other people's blogs that I do not even know- it occurred to me that our family's full name was right out in the open for all to see. That made me a bit uncomfortable, so I have changed things around so that only our 1st names will be available to the public. This is still our "family" blog- but mostly my own personal on-line diary. I got the name for the blog from the always endearing term that my husband uses to describe my undying, sometimes extravagant, need to accessorize excessively when dressing! haha! He always says- "Gotta add the "Adair Flair"!!" I thought that would be an appropriate title for the blog- since the blog is just that- my "Adair Flair"
Here is the Webster's dictionary definition of the word "flair"- which I find to be all too perfect! :)
1. a skill or instinctive ability to appreciate or make good use of something
2. a uniquely attractive quality
What do ya'll think? good title???


Leslie and Matt Henson said...

So cute title! Hope y'all are doing well! Got a quick question, how did you get the cute font on your title? I can't figure it out! Take care!

Eric and Katie said...

Super cute title! Very fitting for our Adair!! You always look gorgeous!!