Tuesday, February 24, 2009

OH WOW!, if I were famous!, and Sweet Melissa!

OH WOW- is all that I have to say about that!! Robert Pattinson sure looked good at the Oscars...and when he looks up over his eyebrows like he does- ahhhh- doesn't it just gives you chills and make you wonder if just MAYBE he really is a vampire??? ~ wouldn't it be nice!!!haha! Who else loves Edward Cullen??? If I were famous... I would've tried on all these dresses for the Oscars!
BUT... I would've worn THIS one!!! ahhhhhh so pretty!!!
On to another topic....
Who watches the Bachelor???
I LOVE sweet Melissa!!! Do you think that he is going to propose even though he didn't meet her parents- or do you think that just maybe sweet Melissa's mom and dad might make a surprise appearance?? What do you think??? Do you think he is going to propose???


Areta said...

I LOVE The Bachelor and Melissa! I sure hope he goes for her! I cannot wait to find out!

Taryn said...

I love Edward Cullen. It is kind of sad actually.