Sunday, February 1, 2009

Carpe diem

Today has been a nice, relaxing day. Cal had to go to work this morning. I got up and had some quiet time and then went to church. We are studying different religions in sunday school right now and it is now really my favorite thing but it is good to broaden my horizons I guess. We learned about buddhism this morning. I was craving fried mushrooms after church- so I stopped by Zaxby's and gave into my temptation. So yummy! I haven't had those things since college. Cal got home shortly after me and we had a nice lunch together. Sorry, Areta, I didn't make it to "big" church. Areta and I always go to church together because our hubbies are always at the hospital working....gotta love residency! haha! It feels like spring outside today! I just had to snap a few pictures of Ava playing in the sun!

Please Mommy can I go outside????

so much fun!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE our veiw!!!

We are now watching the Super Bowl...and I am obviously blogging- I have also been reading the Twilight I am gotten absolutely nothing done today!
I better get back to Forks and figure out what Bella and Edward are up to! I am so obsessed with this book series! I am on book 3 now and finished book 2 in 2 days! haha! Who else is a Twilight fan?


Eric and Katie said...

I am reading Eclipse now. I'm about 3/4 the way through it! It's a good series.
Love the pics of Ava!!

About Us said...

Hey My best best! I am on the last book! I finished Eclipse so fast that I had to take a break because I am afraid if I finish this one, I will be hurting without anymore!

It is ridiculous! And I dont like things like this but I am obsessed with this series! I love you! Love-Nicci

Areta said...

No worries about "Big Church." I see you read my blog entry about what you missed. What a great view you have outside! I'm still on book 2, I will get better...I promise!