Thursday, July 29, 2010


For this reason we never become discouraged. Even though our physical being is gradually decaying, yet our spiritual being is renewed day after day. And this SMALL and temporary trouble we suffer will bring us a tremendous and eternal glory, much greater than the trouble. For we fix our attention not on the things that are seen, but on things unseen. What can be seen only lasts for a time, but what can not be seen lasts forever. 2 Corinthians 4: 16-18

We are fixing our attention on things unseen. God's plan is the ultimate and I KNOW with all of my heart that HE will provide and take care of us.

I have been having a LOT of early contractions and had to be admitted into the hospital twice during the past week. I am on meds that are somewhat controlling the contractions. I am on bed-rest and will be until these little angels arrive. I am trying to stay focused and controlled and non-emotional, but it is hard. I know that the more I am on an even-kill, the better it is for the babies. I am trying to be solid and calm. I take that back....God is being solid and calm through me, because without Him, I would be a total mess. I have a feeling that this whole situation is harder for the people around me than on me.

I am just asking for your prayers. Please pray that Jack and Lucy stay safely inside until they are full-term and healthy. I am 25 weeks and 1 day Doctor is setting short-term goals for me- so the BIG goal as of now is to get to 28 weeks. So, 3 more weeks, then when we get to that point, we will set a new goal, and so on.

On another note: Here are some new pictures of the nursery in progress.... I obviously can't work on it anymore, so I am so thankful that we have gotten done what has already been done. Check out the furniture that my mother-in-law glazed for us. Isn't is gorgeous?!? I am LOVING the nursery! I love to go in there and just sit and stare. The curtains will be in next week. I am covering lampshades in pink toile for Lucy to match her bedding, and one in blue toile to match Jack's bedding. My sweet sorority sister, Christie, is painting canvases for above their beds with thier "master circle" monograms. Also, I am looking for some little hanging coat-racks to hang above their night-stands and lamps for thier "coming-home" outfits. Also, we (Cal and my mom and dad) are putting an extra shelve under the changing to table to put slide-in baskets for all of the changing equipment. I am so excited to see it all coming together!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

mini-Cal and mini-Adair

I know that this will be an ultra boring post for most, but for my memories, I want to record all of these special moments... (tons of ultrasound photos ahead)...
Cal's mom, Suzan was able to go with us to the 1st ultrasound here in KY. It was fun to see Lucy and Jack moving all around and watch as they measured so perfectly in every area. I was 21 weeks and 1 day and they both measured right at 21 weeks and 1 day on pretty much everything- EXCEPT- Jack's legs literally measured 23 weeks long HAHA... guess he is going to take after his 6'6" daddy! Also....take a look at their feet! These pictures do not do it as much justice as seeing it in person. The tech was even laughing about Jack's BIG feet! She was using the same zoom on both photos...I hope that the difference is as noticable in these pictures as it is in person...
Above are Lucy's skinny little feet (both in the picture- left foot resting on top of right foot)
and here is Jack's BIG foot! It is hillarious! this is Lucy's face- she is looking straight at the camera- her chin and facial bone structure is exactly like mine! :) and here is Jack looking straight at the camera- his chin and facial bone structure is exactly like Cal's! :) This photo was at 23 weeks- the top of both heads. They are both side-by-side and breech. All FOUR feet are on my bladder! HAHA I know it is hard to see- but here is the proof that Jack is all BOY! and the proof that Lucy is all GIRL! Above is Lucy's profile- I hate that it is so blurry. She has her little arm up by her face. Look at that cute little button nose! :) and here are 2 shots of Jack's profile- in the above photo his mouth is wide open. mouth is open in this one as well, just not as wide. He has the cutest little button nose too! I just can't wait to squeeze them both!!! They are starting to become real people in our minds- it is so surreal.
I just remember so vividly wondering if I would ever be able to feel this miracle happening inside of me, and I can't stop praising and thanking God for the opportunity to have this awe-inspiring experience. Cal and I want to thank each and every one of you for all of your continued prayers and support during this whole process! We feel so blessed!