Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Cup Runneth Over

Cal's mother Suzan and Grandmother (Cal's Dad's mother) came to visit this weekend. We had dinner here Friday night and then woke up on Saturday and had a nice morning drinking coffee and telling stories. Grandmother always inspires me with her testimony and faith in Christ. I always love hearing her stories and the missions for Christ that she accomplishes in her community. We then went to Hobby Lobby while Cal was at work and had a blast. Cal got off work around noon and we took them to eat at the Bham favorite "Zoe's" then went to see my school and classroom. After the eventful day, Grandmother, Suzan and I went for a nice walk around the neighborhood then came back to freshen up for dinner. We went to "Little Savannah" for dinner- it was amazing!!! This Sunday was the 1st Sunday of Lent and it was very special to take communion with Suzan and Grandmother. Grandmother cried and said that she hopes and prays that Cal and I live long enough to take communion with our grandchildren one day. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and said "My cup runneth over". Of course, I couldn't hold back the tears either. Grandmother and Suzan: "Our cups runneth over"- We love you and we appreciate the effort that you both made to come and spend time with us.

SNOW came to Bham this morning! I felt like a little kid at Christmas!!!

Of Course- we HAD to build a snowman- I can't remember the last time I built one- it was so much fun- Cal and I acted like little kids throwing snowballs and rolling snowballs in the snow!
Our House- with Kaleb (our neighbor's little boy) running through the yard!Grandmother, Me and Suzan before church We HAD to make Snow-ice-cream this morning! So much fun!!!!
Ava had some too! yummy!!!
You can't see it very well in the picture- but we got almost 3 inches of snow!!!


Puttin' On The GRITS said...

Why haven't I found your blog earlier? I love it! You have the most adorable life ever! I can't wait to read more...

Lil' Woman said...

I love youe and the hubby's sexy snow outfits :) looks like you had fun!!

simpsonfamily said...

Hey Adair! I was so glad to read your comment and glad you found me so now I can keep up with you! What a beautiful faith you have! I now you are such an inspiration to so many people! Just reading your posts was such an encouragement! Great to hear from you!! Blessings,

Life at the White House said...

what a perfect little snowman. y'all are adorable!!!!!!!!!!!

i want snow! it was 80 degrees here today and i was bummed (it just doesn't get *cold*!).