Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Heading to the Blue Grass!

Cal and I are heading to KY this afternoon! Cal has an interview for a cardiology fellowship at UK and I am going with him to see my family! I have cousins in Lexington that I haven't seen since our wedding- WOW- that has been forever! I'm going to die when I see the kids- I know I will- little Macy was in our wedding and was still just a little girl- now she is a teenager! She is turning 13 next Monday. I'm so excited to go have a little birthday celebration with her!! I found recent picture of the kids on thier mom's facebook and I'm trying to psyche myself out to see grown up kids now that look like this and not the little kids that I saw 3 years they have gotten big!This is Miss Macy- last time I saw her- she didn't have braces- she still had a baby face and sweet little hugs ( I'm sure she still has those) :) She is growing into such a beautiful young lady- beautiful on the inside and out!

This is Jake- the last time I saw him- he was still a LITTLE boy- now look at this handsome little heartbreaker! He even has a cute little hair-style! SO grown up!!!This is Telissa- My cousin Tim's wife- She is amazing! I'll never forget the first time I met her- I was probably about Macy's age and I remember being in awe of how beautiful she is! I hope I can be as cool of a mom as she is! She is so much fun!!!Here is the rest of the family- (from left to right) Uncle Steve (he is really my cousin)- his father and my grandfather were twins- his house was 2 houses down from my father and so my father and Steve grew up like brothers- so he has just always been "Uncle Steve". Macy on the boat, Tim- (Steve's son- my cousin), Jake(on the boat), and I'm not sure who the person in the orange shirt is??

Interesting fact: "Uncle" Steve was the personal dentist for King Fahd in Saudi Arabia for years and years- he finally made it back to the states shortly after 9/11. We are so glad that he is back and I know that he is glad to be back to watch his grand-babies grow!

We can't wait to see you Reid family!!!! We miss you so much!!!

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The Blacks said...

be safe and best of luck with the fellowship!! (I finally got that post up BTW) alpha love and mine!