Sunday, May 22, 2011

White Flag....

When Jack and Lucy were about 3 weeks old, I screamed "UNCLE"!! I threw in the proverbial "white flag" and called my friend Lisa about advice on getting a night nanny! She had someone that helped her with her twins and her nanny had a daughter that was looking for work as a nanny and had several previous experiences with twins. She came several nights a week so Cal and I could get a few full nights of sleep! I had to do milk production was going down and I was trying to heal from 5 months of bed-rest and a was just the only other option since we have no one here to help us! Susan came in with a huge smile and a lot of love! She saved my life, literally, during those first few months! Once the twins started sleeping through the night at around 8 weeks, we started using her during the day to come help every now and then. Susan is now pursuing another career, as her life is just starting and she is searching for the right career path! We were so blessed to have her help! She still comes over to love on the twins from time to time and I just wanted to document this and pics of her for our memory book...
Now... we have been blessed with another angel! Her name is Kristen! She is simply fabulous! She helps out on Wednesday mornings and Thursdays...just to give me a short breather! She swoops in here and goes straight to work! She washes and makes bottles, loads and unloads the dishwasher, washes and folds all of our laundry (that is HUGE), sweeps, cleans the kitchen, restocks our supply drawers, etc... She is such a sweetheart and she LOVES Jack and Lucy! She is just amazing with them! I come in the door to find her reading to them, playing games with them, and singing to them (she is an amazing singer by the way!) We thank God for Kristen!!! She is such a life-saver!!!!

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Meg said...

That is wonderful that you have been so blessed to find such wonderful nannies to help with the kidos (and with you).

I'm sure you remember that before I was a nurse I was a nanny, and I loved and adored the families I worked with. We all meshed so well which meant a perfect situation for me and a perfect situation for the family.

Enjoy Kristen and love her like she is family because I am sure she thinks of you like that. :)