Thursday, May 12, 2011

Easter and Mother's Day!

 My pretty babes...ready for Easter Sunday!
 This photo shows their personalities so well...Lucy, so daintily peeling back the paper and Jack, rustling through like crazy! They are so different, and I LOVE it!
 Our first Easter as a family!
Handsome Jack-attack!
 Pretty Lucy-girl!
 My mom and dad were so sweet to make the trip to Lexington to be here on their first Easter! We so enjoyed you being with us on such a special day!

Mother's Day:
 Cal had a "mother's day" spread ready for me downstairs when I woke up. He was on -call the night before and I had no idea that he was already home. I was expecting to go down and heat up bottles and pump before the babies woke up. He was downstairs waiting with a bunch of surprises! He had the whole day planned out! First, McDonald's, Starbucks, a card and a GORGEOUS Pandora bracelet with 2 booties (one with a blue sapphire and one with a pink sapphire) and a separator link with the twins birthstone (pink tourmaline) So glad my babies' birthstone is all know how I love IS my signature color!!! LOL I can't wait to add to this bracelet for years to come! What a sentimental and thoughtful gift! Cal, you are the best!!!
We took the twins to church and apparently, according to my cousin, the TV camera guy liked us...Haha...She said that we were on the TV at least a dozen times during the sermon. She said I was waving my hands around like a fool trying to get the babies to laugh... hmmm....should have been paying attention to the sermon, huh? haha
 Then we went to have brunch at the Crown Plaza! It was a yummy Mother's Day buffet! It reminded me of being at home and going to the Country Club or the University Club for Mother's Day! :) The above picture is classic! Cal and I were just dying laughing, because everything was going array...Lucy had just "you know what", and had to be de-clothed, and Jack-attack was just ready for the show to be over! haha.
Mother's Day pic with my angels! This will be a tradition...I can't wait to see what they look like next year in this picture!
(Lucy is shoeless b/c she decided that while she was sitting in her car seat at the brunch, it would be a good time to go the bathroom bigger than she has EVER gone before! Let's just say, her car seat will never be the same LOL!!)
After brunch, we took two very tired, but good, babies home and put them down for a much needed nap, while Cal and I took a nap ourselves! ha! Cal was so sweet and planned a carriage ride at Shaker town..but we were all so exhausted that we opted for a nice afternoon at home with some steaks on the grill! What a fantastic first Mother's Day! I will remember it forever!


Meg said...

Everything looks fantastic! I am so glad you had an awesome Mother's Day/Easter. The kids look adorable.

I'm glad you love your Pandora bracelet, I love mine too! They just have so many charms to choose from.

Also, the post below this one--for the kids 6 month is crazy. You are so right there was such a big change between 5 and 6 months. They are too cute!

Puttin' On The GRITS said...

They are just precious!