Sunday, May 22, 2011

night out on the town...

ready for a date night with mommy and daddy!
1st time in a highchair at a restaurant!
Lucy-girl was OBSESSED with staring at a little boy at the table beside us! She seriously did not move a muscle for like 20 minutes...just stared a whole though the poor boy LOL (maybe her 1st crush?) haha
Jack-attack and daddy! We are doing some serious teething! Jack now has 3 teeth...his bottom 2 and his top left lateral insicor! He has been a really good baby through all of this though! :)
My 2 favorite guys!!!
Lucy and mommy!!!
family pic...(Lucy is staring at the keys and Jack is trying to get into the salsa....typical)
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Meg said...

Haha, what a sweet picture that last one is!

I am glad you guys had such a wonderful family date night. You are all such an adorable family.

The Sweet Life said... adorable