Monday, April 6, 2009

Sweet Caroline, a few projects and a few “monkeys”!

This weekend, Cal was STILL under the weather on Friday night. He has been fighting this bug for 5 days and finally had solid food this weekend! YAY! I went over to one of my student's (from last year) house on Saturday morning and did her hair for her jazz pictures. It made me want a little girl now when God has planned. I will do my little girl's hair like it is my job! J Here are a few pictures of sweet Caroline! She is just way too precious! I also did a few projects this weekend: I learned how to etch glass and I followed these directions. I made a few wedding gifts and a birthday gift. THEN…a few "monkeys" of my good friends came over to Bham to see "Wicked". I met up with them at Babies R Us to do a little shopping for her sister's baby that is on the way. I always hate love going to Babies R Us… Then we went to eat Mexican! Yum yum! Here are a few pictures of monkeys Laura, Leigh Anne and myself outside of the restaurant! As you can tell…the term "monkeys" is a endearing term we use for ourselves…and a few inside jokes hidden in there as well…. There are about 8 "monkeys" in all…ha
I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! Did you do anything fun this weekend? Do you have a nickname for your group of friends? I would love to hear about it!!!


Lil' Woman said...

Hope your hubby feels better...seems like everyone is getting sick!

Sarah said...

Hey girl! SO good to see you! You're still as sweet as you ever were - and gorgeous. It's great to be able to keep up with you. - Sarah