Friday, March 21, 2008

Miss Lily Elizabeth Sistrunk!!

ahhh... sweet was such a beautiful moment to see Miss Lily again. Her mommy and I have been through so much together! Kate, Lily's mom, is one of my dearest friends in the world! She is just the sweetest and best friend that anyone could ask for! God has done so many amazing things for Kate and I am so proud of her! She has the most amazing husband anyone could ask for and the cutest sweetest baby ever! I look back on our time living together in Oxford while we were at Ole Miss and then our time living together out in the real Jackson...trying to figure everything out together...and learning what life is all about. I appreciate all of the wedding planning that Kate had to listen to while living with me in Jackson. Holding Lily in my arms brought back floods of memories that Kate and I had together. God is so amazing in the way that he works in people's lives. We never would have guessed that either of us would be where we are in our lives right now...and boy....we are both in perfect spots in our life...execpt... I WANT a baby too!! ha! I have the fever! It was so great to go on a double date with Kate and Brian. I enjoyed getting to catch up... it always feels like we haven't skipped a beat! I love you Katester!

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Leslie and Matt Henson said...

Hey Adair! So good to see you on here. I love reading blogs and there are so many fun ones to read! Hope you and Cal are doing great! So sad we didn't see y'all at the parade! Hope to see you soon!!!
Leslie Henson