Friday, March 21, 2008

Brody Cole Hayman!

I was so excited to meet Mr. Brody Cole. It makes me just feel gushy all over to look at one of my good friends and this little person in my arms and know that he is part of her. It will never cease to amaze me.... the beauty of child birth and the love that is involved with the whole process. I was able to sit and really listen to things that Nicole is going through and take notes for when that special time comes for me. I am VERY ready!!!
I also really enjoyed going to our old meeting place at Cozumel with Nicole and Crystal. AHHH... the many afternoons spent there just talking about teaching at JPS....ahhhh good memories... it is what kept me going during that point in my life!
Miss you girls alot!!!


The Haymans said...

I'm so glad you got to meet Brody...despite a little throw up. Now its Christie's turn! Don't stay away so long next time!! We love you!

MSTBLZ said...

You do look like a natural with that baby. I've never seen anyone with as much patience for children as you. Lourdes told me to tell you hello and that she misses you. Take care.