Monday, November 22, 2010

Really?!? Has it been 1 month already?

Jack and Lucy...I can't believe it! You are 1 month old today!
I will always treasure the above picture because you are both looking straight at me. You both stayed like that for the longest time...just looking at me! I just love you both so much it hurts.
We will put you beside this bunny each month, so we can see how you grow in comparison to the bunny. I can't imagine you outgrowing the bunny...but I know you will in such a short amount of time!
I am going to do the normal "blog tradition" of stating what you are both up to these days!
  • ~ You were 6 lbs 14 ounces at your last check up at 2 weeks. I am guessing that you are close to 8 lbs now- you took a huge growth spurt last week.
  • ~You drink 3.5 ounces of milk every 3 hours
  • ~ You are always the one that wakes up first and lets us know that it is time to eat....and buddy you are usually right on the minute to 3 hours. It is must take after your daddy on promptness. ha
  • ~ You have the cutest little thing you do right before you cry each breathe in and out of your nose really fast then make this sound like a goat before you break out into a cry.
  • ~ You had a fussy spell last week (during your growth spurt), but now you are as content as you can be.
  • ~ You LOVE your swing.
  • ~ You do NOT like the TV flashing in your eyes at night. We have to put a blanket up on the side of your swing to block the TV
  • ~ You really like tummy time and lying on your back on the floor- kicking and looking around.
  • ~ You love the Baby Einstein lullaby DVD- you just sit and stare forever...You sat content for over an hour today watching it.
  • ~ You are eating really well now- you did NOT eat well at first. It used to take forever to feed you, but now you eat pretty fast. When you are just start to blow bubbles to let us know that you are done.
  • ~ You are beautiful and we love you more and more every second of every day!


  • ~ You were 8 lbs 3 ounces at your last doctor's visit at 2 weeks and I am guessing that you are knocking on 9.5 lbs now.
  • ~ You drink 3.5 ounces of milk every 3 hours.
  • ~ You would probably keep sleeping if we didn't have to get you up to eat every time you brother eats just to keep you on the same schedule. You are a heavy sleeper.
  • ~ You just now started to cry a little more than normal the past couple of days... maybe you are going through a growth spurt like you brother did last week.
  • ~ You have the cutest little pucker you mouth into the shape of an O and do this "oooooo" sound...SO cute
  • ~ You already know how to "work it" with your pout. You have know how to stick out that bottom lip since you came into the world.
  • ~You LOVE your swing and the "white noise" sound while you are sleeping.
  • ~You love the Baby Einstein DVD really like to stare at things and people.
  • ~ You smile a LOT! You have been cracking smiles since you were 2 weeks...and you do it at just the right time..which makes us think it truly might be on purpose! :)
  • You are gorgeous...and we love you more and more each second of every day.


Nicci said...

Happy 1 month Birthday, Jack and Lucy! Kiki loves you so very much and I can't wait to squeeze you tight and love on you so much!! You are beautiful, precious gifts from God!

Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

One month flies by, doesn't it? Let me tell you...three years flies by as well and I'm sure each year after!

Treasure every single moment! I use to love the sleeper gowns...your two precious bundles look absolutely adorable in them!

Preppy 101 said...

Oh, they are precious! xoxo