Tuesday, November 9, 2010

2 weeks in review...

On October 25- we arrived at the hospital at 6 a.m. We were so excited to have the time moved up- my original time was at 1:00 in the afternoon. I don't think we could have waited all day- we would have gone crazy!
Here we are at the hospital, getting ready to go into the operating room prep area. Yes...there were 2 big babies in that huge belly! ha
getting ready to see our babies for the 1st time! So nervous/excited!
Here comes Jack!!! Jackson Turner Laney- born at 8:04 a.m.

...and here is Lucy!!! Lucille Adair Laney- born at 8:05 a.m.
I get all emotional when I see this picture because during my 2 month stay in the hospital, I kept invisioning this scene. I kept picturing 2 healthy babies- strapped in their carseats, ready to come home with us on the day I was discharged. God did it for us- He made it happen! Praise HIM!
Jack- meet your sister, Ava!

Halloween was extra special this year- It was grandaddy's birthday, and he got 2 little pumpkins for his present! He was more excited about this present than any other present I have ever given him...ha! Nonna also had a birthday just 5 days before the twins were born...so she also got this amazing birthday gift! Happy Birthday Mom and Dad!
TWO peas in a pod for Halloween!
snuggling in bed~ the most beautiful babies I have ever seen in my life.

These past 2 weeks have FLOWN by. I can't believe they are already 2 weeks old. They will be teenagers before we know it. We sit and stare at them a lot! We are just overwhelmed by this amazing gift from Heaven.

I have to add a small sidenote... I want to remember all that it took to get to this point. I never want to forget the struggle to get pregnant with these angels. I can't understand why some of my very dear friends are reading this post right now wondering why God hasn't granted them the baby that they desire. I will never understand why some have to wait longer than others or why the pain is so extreme that it literally hurts every fiber of your being while you are waiting. Please remember that if you are reading this and you are still waiting- miracles do just happen- silent prayers are answered and God has an AMAZING plan for you.


Amanda said...

Thank you, Adair! <3 They are gorgeous & I am so happy for you & so excited for turn to come. I'm praying & believing & I have so many people praying for me (you included)... Thank you so much for your sweet caring & concern. You are such a sweet, amazing lady & I know a wonderful mommy. Those 2 precious babies are blessed to have YOU as their mother. <3

Areta said...

I read this post with tears in my eyes. Thank you. I love you!

Alli and Korey said...

Those two babies are beautiful!! Such sweet newborns!! I am beyond happy for you and so glad I can keep up w your family through the blog. Enjoy every second : )

Ballentine said...

Oh Adair!! Thank you for sharing your eautiful, beautiful little babies!!

The Smith Family said...

I found your blog through Kellys Korner prayer list.. anywho! Felt the need to explain myself.

Your babies are beautiful, congratulations.
Where did you get their carseat covers?? LOVE them

Puttin' On The GRITS said...

They are absolutely perfect. Two of the most beautiful babies I've ever seen!