Thursday, September 2, 2010

We're Still Truckin'.... I am at 29 weeks prego. Do you see why my body thinks that I am full-term? ha Jack and Lucy have grown even more, and we are taking pictures at the hospital, but NO, I am not putting up those awful pictures LOL! My eyes are just about swollen shut from the magnesium IV that I am on. We will look at these pictures and laugh one day I am sure. The picture above was taken right before I was admitted back into the hospital this time around.
In all seriousness, the twins could come any day now. They have me on meds to stop the contractions, but I am already dilated (1.5 centimeters last week) and my cervix is already changing. We know that at 30 weeks, the twins could do really well, but I know that each day that I am in the hospital, I am saving them from 2-3 days in the NICU, statistically. I keep telling myself this fact and each time that I am poked with a needle or IV, I remind myself that it is one less needle that Jack and Lucy will have to be stuck with.
The doctor told me today that I will be here until 34 weeks unless, the twins decide to come before then.
I believe in the power of healing through prayer and I know that God can stop this pre-term labor if it is His will. But, I also want to pray that if it would be safer for the twins to come out due to some unknown infection or something of the such, then, I want God's will in that as well. I have stopped praying "God please keep them inside", and started praying, "God...your will be done". He knows the reason this is happening and He will keep Jack and Lucy safe.
At this point, I just need prayers for sanity and resolve as I sit in the hospital for this undisclosed amount of time. I am just so grateful that the babies are still safe and sound.


Ginna Abbey said...

Hang in there!! I'm praying for all of you!

*Jill* said...

Many prayers coming your way from the 'Noog! I'm so proud of you in how you've handled all of this!

Amanda said...

You are beautiful pregnant! <3 Praying for His will & their safety! =)