Monday, June 21, 2010

Jack and Lucy's cousins come to visit!

We had our first visitors in our new home this weekend! Mark, Becky, Collier and Cadyn came to Lexington to visit! We had an amazing time. Mom and Dad were here too (they had been here helping me move in). It was a great Father's Day weekend!
Ava and Collier made friends...after a few discrepancies, ha!
Cadyn eating his breakfast...
Collier and Dad
Dad and his little twin, Cadyn... (or fondly referred to as Dad's "mini-me")- kind of spooky isn't it?!?
sweet Collier cuddled up with Nonna~
Pretty boy! Just look at those eyes...they will melt your heart!
My brother, Mark, and Cadyn
Collier and Mark on the back porch~
catching lightning bugs in my backyard~
Grandaddy and Collier catching lightning bugs~
sweet boys...
climbing a tree in the back yard...I hope Jack and Lucy are old enough in this house to climb trees...there are some REALLY good climbing trees back there! :)
exploring with Ava~ she knows where all the animals hide...LOL
So glad they came to visit! It was a wonderful weekend!

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