Friday, January 1, 2010


It is 2010...HOLY MOLY...I am going to turn 30 this year....we won't talk about that yet! ha
Cal's mom gave us this little figurine upon moving to Birmingham. We didn't know at the time how apropos it would be for our time in Bham at the time. "Holding onto Hope"!

I am so happy that I am now free to write about my feelings on my blog... I really wanted to start of this New Year with a heartfelt THANK YOU!!!! I cannot put into words how grateful we are for the outpouring of love and acts of service done by our friends and family during this trying time. We have had sweet friends bring over food for us during the time of my bed-rest after transfer. We have recieved multiple phone calls and even flowers from friends letting us know that they are thinking of us. I was also humbled by the friends that took time to write us sweet letters, comments and emails of encouragement. My mom and Cal's mom have supplied us with enough food that will last us for the next month...ha! We thank you SO much! All of this is really opening my eyes even more to the amount of love that people can show. It makes me want to be a better friend and a better person. Everything that is going on is making Cal and I grow so much as Christians and it makes us want to reach out more to others. Kind actions truly do have a ripple affect. All I can say is that I hope with all of my heart that I can be as good of a friend to you as you have all been to me. Humbling.....that is all I can say.

Cal has been such an amazing support system and I wanted to add some of his words to the blog. He sent me this email yesterday. What a strong man he is!

I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH, AND I WATCHED A DEVOTION THIS MORNING, and all it was talking about was faith, and that if we continue to do good and do God's will, he will bless us beyond all belief in his time, and she made a good point that we should not question while some prayers are answered in weeks and others are answered in years, but it is not our job to figure it out, follow his rules/commandments (including tithing) and we will be blessed !!! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU !!
(I think I'll keep him..ha)

A sweet friend sent me this poem today (thank you Anne) and I want to add it to the blog to have as a "scrapbook" item. I know that God has our little angels in His arms and I know that one day when we get to Heaven- we will see their sweet faces.
Jesus is he with you?
I wonder every day
I sit and wonder why he's gone
And why he could not stay.
Every part of me is empty
I feel I can't go on
But then I look to heaven
I hear this beautiful song:
"Mommy I am with Him
He holds me in His arms
When ever I am with Him
He keeps me safe and warm.
He says you shouldn't worry
I am safe and loved right here.
With all the other baby angels
that passed within the years.
We have a special place up here
He thought that you should know.
Where the Blessed Mother takes
your place for now until you show."
When I hear this precious little voice
From the heavens above
I know that all the angels
are showering him with love
For everyone that wants to hear
their babies voice so innocent and sweet
Just close your eyes and begin to pray
and embrace them in your sleep.


Meg said...

How sweet, everyone has been great to you guys. It is always a relief to see people step up to help out--your hubby's email is just the sweetest!

You guys will be parents on children here on Earth, I feel it. You both are in my prayers.

Neicy said...

I am so very grateful you have so many friends to be there for you. You are always so kind to others and now look what God is doing for you! He has so richly Blessed the both of you with such and out pour of love from others.
As for Cal's letter - maybe you should consider keeping him! LOL