Monday, December 7, 2009


Saturday was my birthday, and I woke up to this beautiful site:
Snow just takes you back to child-hood, you know. That same giddy feeling goes from head to toe and you run downstairs to get a better look! What a great little birthday present from God. Cal was at the hunting camp, so I was by myself with God. I sat in front of the window with my cup of coffee and my Bible and just had the BEST time! It was an amazing morning.
Cal left an envelope for me before he left for the hunting camp that read on the front, "Do not open until Sat, Dec. 5th, A.M.
I actually waited to open it!!! VERY unlike me! I usually would have had that thing torn open by the time I got it in my hand.
I'm glad I waited, because I opened it with the pleasant surprise to see a gift certificate to have a massage. JUST what the Doctor ordered. (no pun intended)
Cal got home from the hunting camp at around noon and we had a great, relaxing day and went out for a GREAT meal at Flemmings.
Onto another note:
I'm sure most of you know about these amazing pieces of art:
I am obsessed with this stuff....if you have ever been to my house- you have seen TONS of it everywhere! It is called McCarty's pottery and is special to me because it is made from Mississippi mud. As we make our trail all over the U.S.- we take a piece of MS with us!
I got of set of 12 of these glasses!!! I am SOOO excited! Cal's parents gave me 6 and my parents gave me the other 6! Thanks Chuck and Suzan, and Mom & Dad!!!!! I LOVE them!!!!!
Just a funny picture to leave you with: This is what happens to "Mr. Cal" when he comes to visit my classroom....he is literally attacked! It is absolutely hillarious! He is a trooper! We LOOOOOOOVE Mr. Cal! We write about him, talk about him, send letters to him. Well, I have to agree, he is pretty amazing! :)

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Polka Dots & Protein Bars said...

Happy belated birthday! What an incredible gift to see snow on your special day!