Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I really don't like doing a picture-less post- but I just haven't been home long enough to upload the pictures from our camera in a while!
Here is a Laney update of what has been going on lately...because I LOVE a list:

1. Chuck and Suzan (Cal's parents) came in town last weekend- They went to Shoal Creek, while I monogrammed, went to my friend Leah's little girl's first birthday party, and went to style Caroline's hair for her jazz recital. Caroline was in my class last year!

2. That night, we went to dinner at The Highland Bar and Grille with Cal's parents and some friends, then headed over to Beth's wedding at Ted's Garage. After the wedding, we went to the Blue Monkey with some friends that I teach with and had a great time!

3. I started teaching summer school on Monday and Cal started a new month's rotation at the hospital.

4. Cal and I finalized his rank order list for cardiology fellowship- so we now have officially 2 weeks to wait and find out IF or where we will be moving next summer. Keep your fingers crossed!

I am teaching summer school as speak.... it is obviously VERY demanding... for me to be able to blog and all while teaching...haha! We are doing "traditional" Kindergarten things at the moment: the good ole stuff like paint, play do, puppets, blocks, puzzles, etc. I am about to go start reading I better get off of this computer! Have a great Wednesday!!!

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mrosev14 said...

Where is Cal working now? Where do you want to go? I hope where ever it is you end up going there.

Good luck with summer school!