Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Little centimeters...

Tonight, I moved Reid's monitor camera a little further away from him. I moved it because he grabbed it for the first time last night...busy little hands. To some, that may be no big deal, but to me, bc I have been here and done this, that was just one of my first moves away from him. It is all downhill from here, or should I say up hill. I will only get farther away now, he will only grow bigger, and he will only be more and more independent. Each little move that was so easy the first time seems like a huge milestone with this little guy. Maybe it is because I know….I know what it means when the monitor moves farther away. I know what it means when I stop looking at the monitor every five means that he is growing up a little bit more every day. It just means that space is going to get larger and larger with time, and that one little move of the monitor that I made tonight was the first one. The first move as I gradually move away centimeter by centimeter and watch him grow his wings. I guess this time I am just savoring each little moment, and when each tiny transition is made, I take a deep breath and know that I just moved one more centimeter away.

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