Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easter and a few stats.....

Easter was extra fun this year, with both Jack and Lucy being able to understand that the Easter basket had presents for them enclosed! They were so excited... but much more excited about the chocolate that was in the eggs! ha! Jack had ball pattern eggs and couldn't stop going through all of the different types of balls and naming them and eating the chocolate from the inside! Lucy was more interested in her "purse" that was included in her Easter basket and was also very excited about the chocolate in the eggs! I found some "Resurrection" eggs for next year that tells the story of Easter... They will have to find the eggs and the goodies inside tell the story of Easter... the REAL story! I can't wait to start that tradition.
The bond that is forming between these 2 little people is so surreal. I can see the love forming between them and they are also starting to plot! ha!
This is the best pic I could get on Easter of them in their cute little matching outfits.... Jack is fussing because he wanted to go back and see the Easter bunny and Lucy is fussing because she never wants to see him again in her whole life! ha! We had a funny Easter day that is worth recording... we went to church and got there on time... which should have been sign number one that the day was just about to collapse. ha. We went to a cute little brunch at the Red Mile after the service and the EASTER bunny was there! OH, poor Lucy couldn't take it! They even sat us right next to him and the poor girl couldn't even stop crying long enough to even think about eating. So.... we packed up and left the brunch! I just didn't see the point in paying all of that money to sit there and be miserable while Lucy cried and Jack just wanted to get back up and go talk to the Easter bunny. We decided let's just go to CiCi's pizza where there is a buffet with stuff we know that they like and then we can go put them down for nap... well, CiCi's was CLOSED! So... we headed across town to KFC buffet and by then they were both so ill and tired, they would barley eat... so we ate, and then went and loaded them up in the car. At that point we were hysterically tired and when I reached to open the car door of our Tahoe (our brand new Tahoe, I might add)... the HANDLE FELL OFF!!!! bahahah... at that point Cal and I just DIED laughing in the parking lot.... what else could go wrong on this "Laney family Easter"?!?

 It has been a while since I have updated stats and new things about these 2... so here goes....
- you weigh around 26 lbs. and you are about 31 inches tall
- you are a great eater.. and eat just about everything that we eat!
- "po-peye" (or paci) just retired himself to only bedtime and you are taking it like a champ! You say "bye-bye po-pye" everytime you leave your room.
- We are trying to get you to transition to a "lovie" like Jack has... You found one that you liked and named it "moon"?!??? My only guess is you named it that because one of your favorite books is "Goodnight Moon" which we usually read before bed and that is where "moon" usually resides! ha
Within 2 days of taking out your paci, you started shooting out sentences. I told you one day after you said "bye bye" to your paci and put it in your bed that you were such a BIG girl.. and your response was "NO I NOT! " You really didn't "want" to leave it behind... but you have been such a trouper. You are always wanting to help around the house and you love to help "load the dishwasher" You love books and you love to take off your socks and shoes (ugh). You can say so many words and communicate so well that I have unfortanately lost count of how many words and I am terrible about recording all of the funny things you say! I have GOT to get better about that! You came running to me the other day pointing at your brother who was squatting and grunting in the corner and announced "POO POO!!" haha... I guess you get it when I tell you what you are doing when you start doing the same thing! ha! You can name some shapes and will say "ABC" and fill in the blanks when counting to 10! You will stack blocks for days and are really good at it! You are truly just a little bundle of joy and you literally are smiling or laughing almost all of the time! We love you so much!
- you weighed around 27 lbs the last time you were weighed and you are almost 32 inches tall. You are pretty tall for your age... but I guess that is par for the course when your daddy is 6 foot 6! ha!
-You were giving us a little grief in the food department the last time I posted, but come to find out you had a NASTY ear infection with little or no symptoms... except not eating! poor thing... one good antibiotic shot did the trick (for now) We are hoping for no tubes! :) You are back to eating like a champ and you are REALLY good about trying new things!
- You LOOOOOVE your "webra" (zebra) and we haven't started to try to have you leave it behind in bed because I do not see how it could hurt your development in any way (the paci was holding back speech in your sister)
- You are a HUGE talker. You repeat everything and are saying more sentences than I can record here. You say what you want for fruit after dinner, you say "thank you, mama", and when Lucy hands you something, you say, "Thank you LaLa!" When I heard you say that, I pointed at Lucy and asked you, "What is her name, Jack?" You said "LaLa".. so I guess that is the new name for her! ha! I think it stems from me trying to get you to say it... "Lalalala Lucy" (I always repeat the L sound, because you used to say "Jucy") When you want me to do something, you say, "open, please" or "TV, please" It is sooo cute!
- You know a ton of your colors and shapes, you can say your ABCs pretty high (I have heard you go to R) and you can also fill in the blanks when we are counting.  You know every kind of ball (almost). To say you like balls is an understatement. ha! You can catch and throw extremely well too!
- You are becoming more and more of a joy each day and turning into such a "little man" We love you!

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hughesfamily said...

They are so smart!! And I love that they each have their own personalities. Precious. The best part is that they love each other so much! Yay for twins!!