Friday, March 30, 2012

SUYL (show us your life) Moms of Multiples

 I am linking up to Kelly's Korner (Show us your life- Moms of multiples) today! After a long time of wanting and praying for children, God granted us a miracle in Jack and Lucy... our 17 month old bouncing toddler, boy-girl twins! They are a challenge and a blessing! I delivered Jack and Lucy at 38 weeks after a crazy-rocky pregnancy which included living in the hospital on a magnesium drip for 2 months and being on bedrest from 23 weeks on... It was so worth it! I got HUGE... and that was worth it too, but it is something that I am STILL working on 17 months later LOL! Jack was 6 lbs and 2 oz and Lucy was 7 lbs and 9 oz! I do NOT regret all of that bed-time and FOOD... (oh, and snicker's bars) hehe!
This was the day before my scheduled C-section... I was HUGE....
They were HUGE.. it's all good... ha
And here they are today... Baby A- Jackson Turner, and Baby B- Lucille Adair
Welcome to our crazy twin world! :)


Annie said...

Your twins are beautiful. They are in a fun age.

I'm a mom of twin girls. They are 5years old and are my life.

Lea Liz said...

You looked awesome with twins!! I got that big just carrying one ( gained 60 lbs both times)!!!

Love that picture of them in their bubbles, just precious!!!!

hughesfamily said...

They are precious, like always! I am so glad you are "back" to blogging! I love seeing their cute pics! I tried to comment on the post below, but blogger won't cooperate. Plus, I wanted to compliment your precious ultrasound and preggo pic here, though, so it's good. Thanks for the blog shout out. It means a lot. I can't believe I typed all of that and shared it! But I'm so glad I did...I have felt so much less alone in how I feel. I cannot imagine how you do it with twins! You are an inspiration! They will appreciate you for giving them the best gifts (each other! AND an amazing mommy!) one day, I promise! My twin sister and I are so grateful to our mom, especially now that we are moms! :)

And...l my nephew turned 2 in January, and he is an eater like Jack... He maybe eats an orange and a cracker ALL day long. My sister has struggled with it for his whole life, but she is getting to the point where it doesn't stress her out as much anymore. He is just not an eater. That isn't really advice, but at least you will know you aren't alone with it. It has really stressed my sister, but there is just no solution.... This is just how he is, and he is healthy and smart and fine, like jack. Oh, well, she does give him ensure sometimes, but he doesn't love it. That is worth a shot?

You're doing awesome!