Saturday, December 17, 2011

Catching up!

I have a ton to post about! We took a big trip to MS this month and had a blast! It was a hard trip as one would expect, but it was a great time to be around all of our family and friends that Jack and Lucy never get to see. They went to their first Ole Miss football game, went to the square, tons of restaurants, Fighting Bayou (hunting camp), Canton Christmas light show, touring future schools, Ananndale Golf Club, shopping in Jackson, met a ton of new "friends" (i.e. our friends new babies), and did lots and lots of playing with grandparents! They weren't spoiled at all while there (ahem!)

Jack and Lucy started really walking while we were in MS! Lucy started REALLY walking on Nov. 7 and Jack took his first steps from me to Aunt Kiki on Nov. 11! Jack started REALLY walking on Dec. 9.  We got him some "Keds" and buddy he was OFF! I know that I have posted about this before, but I seriously cannot put into words the relief Cal and I felt when we saw him gracefully walking across the floor. I have not ever posted this... but the doctors at the hospital when they were born told me that we would really know that his leg was OK when we saw him walking without any problems... I think that was awful for them to say, because you can imagine as parents, we kept that in the back of our heads for so very long. God made miracles happen in both of them.. and I know that it will never get old just watching them walk all over the house! Such precious miracles!

They are both making all sorts of animal sounds. They love to "hoo" like an owl, "moo" like a cow and "quack" like a duck. They repeat tons of things that we say.. they are just like little sponges! It is simply fabulous to see them both progress so gracefully!

They are both eating us out of house and home, but honestly Jack is eating the most now.. what a change? ha! They do still have 3 bottles a day, but the amount of oz depend on how much food they eat. They love bananas, strawberries, eggs, grilled turkey melts, Cheetos, crackers, hot dogs (they are really vegi dogs;) ), meat loaf, pasta, spaghetti, spinach, green beans, ravioli, etc...

They are both still really good sleepers. They still do 1.5 hours in the morning and 2 in the afternoon, and then still sleep all night and sometimes sleep in until 8:30! lovin it!!! I don't know how they are going to handle mothers day out without that morning nap in January! ahh... we shall see! :)

I am now going to start using this blog again as a journal... the monthly stats are sort of "over", I am thinking we are on a steady 3 meal a day pattern now, that won't ever really change that much again! Sort of sad, honestly, but happy at the same time! :)
They are doing and saying so many fun things and I am going to "try" and record it all here when I have some "free time" (what in the world is that??)ha!

We are gearing up now for a fun Christmas week here at home! I am so excited to start new traditions with our family! Just us! :)

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