Monday, April 5, 2010

of tattoos and such...

During restful reading today, Jack and Anna were behind me having an all too consuming conversation. It was truly hillarious and Jack had the most sincere tone in his voice while retorting his opinion to Anna. I had to cover my mouth and look away. I then decided to transcribe what I was hearing. Reason number 1,000,991 why I love my job:

Anna: My dad tricked me and said that he wanted to get a tattoo.

Jack: He didn't really though, right?

Anna: No, a permanent tattoo is something that has needles and requires ink.

Jack: I would NEVER get one of those.

Anna: Yeah, me neither.

Jack: I would never get one because that would be disobeying God.

Anna: NO, it's's not disobeying God.

Jack: Yes, it is, it says it in the Bible. It does, really, it does.

Anna: It is not a "God rule" to not get one , it is a "government rule".

Jack: No, God doesn't want you to get tattoos.

Anna: It is not God's rule, but I wouldn't get one.

Jack: Nope, me either

...and that was that.

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