Monday, April 28, 2008

My best friend Rachel had the most beautiful wedding weekend in New Orleans last weekend! They have such a neat story and a fairy tale romance. Rachel and Virgil met while Rachel was in graduate school in Florida. They had a few dates at this point in time, but Rachel wasn't ready to settle down and neither was Virgil.. it just wasn't the right time. The two coincidentally met again in New Orleans over the weekend of New Years last year. They once again hit it off and by April 20th they were engaged. They were officially married during the month of August and he took Rachel way far away to London. They have been travelling every weekend and seeing parts of the world that most will never see ever since. This is truly a dream for Rachel, and to be able to spend this time with Virgil, I know, is priceless! They had their spiritual ceremony this past weekend.. on April 20th.. the same day that they got engaged.. and the same day of his parent's 40th wedding anniversary. It was truly a special weekend.. and was topped off with a wedding cake just for his parents which they were able to cut and feed each other again...just as they had done 40 years prior! I was truly honored to be apart of such an amazing time in thier life!

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The Haymans said...

Did you just forget about your blog? Hope you are reading mine!!! I miss you and you better call me. Tell Cal we (Brody too...) says HEY!!!