Monday, November 19, 2012

34 weeks!

This pregnancy is seriously 
34 weeks with Reid
34 weeks with the twins
 flying by! It seemed that the pregnancy with the twins drug on for ages and ages. I am sure it was bc I was immobile and stuck in a hospital room day in and day out... and I am super active this time with TWO 2 yr old toddlers! ha! The twins are really keeping me busy these days, from stomach bugs to the croup to viral colds... they have been a barrel of fun (not so much) ha! They are well now... praise God! I am almost 36 weeks now as I am finally posting this update. They and I have been sick for 2 weeks straight... it has been a ROUGH couple of weeks! I am getting ready for the end of the pregnancy now! ha! Although... I do know that this will be the easiest it will ever be to have 3 kids... one still safe and sound on the inside! LOL!
I had to run in to the emergency room the week I turned 34 weeks.... I had the stomach flu and had to get fluids because dehydration was causing hard, steady contractions. The IV fluids helped calm things down and we came on home. Cal had it too... while we were in the ER... no FUN! Bless his heart, he got up the next morning and fed the twins breakfast, etc... he is such a trooper.

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 34 weeks
Size of baby:  18 inches from head to heel —  and weighs around 5 lbs- size of a cantaloupe
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I have gained 25lbs
Maternity Clothes: mostly all maternity... some regular dresses
Gender: It's a BOY!!!

Name: Reid Johnsten Laney
Reid is my maiden name and Johnsten is a nod to Cal's late grandfather John Hozie Turner and his late Uncle Johnny. Also... Johnsten means "God's gracious gift" and I could not say it any better! :)
Movement: I feel him moving all of the time! There are no longer flips, I can feel him pushing and turning and I can almost discern what body part I am feeling.
Sleep: Sleep is still better with sleeping aids :)
What I miss: um... still miss WINE!!! (and being able to pop up off of the couch and bed easily)
Cravings: I have been ravenously hungry lately. I have been craving a cupcake...but for some reason, I haven't gotten one. ha
Symptoms: still have tons of braxton hicks... they are really starting to get uncomfortable... but there is no pattern to them and they aren't changing anything, so I am not worried with them!  
Best Moment this month: the best moment was turning 34 weeks and knowing that I made it without a hospital stay! I was sent home from the hospital around this time when I was pregnant with the twins. Just knowing that he could come any day now and be perfectly fine is a HUGE comfort. I have been so worried this time because of the contractions and all of our fears last time. This pregnancy has been a complete blessing! Praise GOD! :)

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hughesfamily said...

Yay! I am glad you have made it so far! You look great!