Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Lovin!

Summer LOVIN, had me a blast, Summer LOVIN, happened so fast!

Lucy LOVEs her Ava-doggie! (and I think the feeling is mutual)
 Jack LOVEs hammin it up and being the head man in charge
 They both LOVE lots and lots of pool time...
 They LOVEpretending to go "nite-nite"
Like I said... Lucy LOVES her Ava-doggie, and if the feeling wasn't mutual; this, my friends, would not happen:
 They LOVE making tents with Nonna
 They LOVE hangin with their "Dadaddy"
 They do not LOVE being sick... we had 2 weeks of sickies at the beginning of June.
 They LOVE swingin with their SuSu:

Here are just a few of the things we are "lovin" this summer. Jack and Lucy are more like little people now than babies. They tell me what they want and don't want and I have to say that I LOVE that! It makes the guessing game much less intense. They are both so smart it almost scares me. I know that every parent thinks their kiddos are smart, but I freak out when my 19 month old tells me the name of every letter on the refrigerator and the sound it makes AND a word to accompany that letter. I SWEAR I haven't been drilling letter.. I take no credit. I think it has a ton to do with "Super Why" and the computer games that they play! haha!
Our family is having to do a ton of praying, trusting and holding our heads up right now during this point in our lives. We are in a place of "limbo". Cal is done with Fellowship at exactly this time next year. We are moving next June and we have no clue where we are moving. Weird, unsettling feeling. It has been hard on me more now than it would have been before children. Now, to have 2 children and another one on the way and to not know where I am moving these precious angels is taking a toll on me, but I have to remember that is just the "planner" in me rearing it's ugly head. The GREAT and MIGHTY planner has it all under control and that is where I choose to rest. That is also where I choose to rest when people ask me, "HOW are you going to do this?? 26 month old twins and a new baby??" I rest in Him and I know that He will provide. He will make a way! He will give us the strength! It is funny to pray for answers, when in actuality, what good will it do for me to "know" anything right now... God knows and that is all that matters.
My job right now is to cherish the moment!

*Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.
Philippians 4:6

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Kirk Family said...

Adair, you will do great when that baby arrives! People would make extremely rude remarks when I was expecting Cannon and Adelaide. Emily Kay was 28 months old when they arrived and she was fantastic! Jack and Lucy will be great.