Sunday, July 24, 2011

lots going on...

As I type this, I am watching Jack and Lucy play and laugh together...what fun it must be to have a constant playmate as they do! They have done so much over the past 2 weeks, that I just had to quickly blog about it as to not ever forget! Jack started eating finger food like a champ! As I have mentioned before, Jack is quite the hard little fellow to feed. Once he was able to be in charge and feed himself...all worries are gone! ha! He LOVES puffs, graham cracker, yogurt melts, and will occasionally feed himself stewed carrots. We are trying to stick to things that he LIKES and will melt easily. He has a VERY sensitive gag reflex and really only wants things crunchy and bland. So, in order to make eating a "fun" thing for him, we are giving him the things that he likes!
Lucy crawled for the first time on July 20th and Jack crawled for the 1st time on July 23rd! He couldn't let her get away from him that easily! haha! Below is a picture of Lucy right before she took off for the 1st time! I also caught it on video! I don't like to add videos to the blog, because this blog is going to be turned into a book and obviously videos will not work for the book! :)
We also caught Jack's 1st crawl, and luckily, he saved it for Daddy to be home and able to see this incredible "first"! We both looked at each other with tears in our eyes when we saw him so gracefully crawl across the floor for the first time! I am not sure if I have mentioned this on the blog yet or not, probably not because it has been a HUGE source of worry for our family....but, Jack was born with his right leg literally up beside his left ear. He didn't move that leg for weeks and also would not straighten that leg out. It was SO scary and we went through multiple tests, ultrasounds and physical therapy to help him move his leg properly. I did PT with him at home for months on my own. The leg has been perfectly fine it seems for months now and we had him double checked at Shriner's at the beginning of this month and heard only good news! His joints are fine and the little muscles that used to be so tight are now extending even more than they need to! We are so grateful to God for His healing. To watch this sweet little boy crawl across the floor and walk around holding our fingers is more than just the typical excitement that a parent feels upon watching their child meet these huge milestones. Praise be to God...and he is crawling ALL OVER the place! :)

Also, among all of this exciting news, Lucy is now starting to actually drink out of and LIKE her sippy cup! woohoo! AND Jack willingly took several bites off of a spoon that I was offering him! If you have ever seen him know that this is HUGE! hahah!
...and for your viewing pleasure...this is what a SERIOUS case of "bedhead" looks like.... hahaha

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