Sunday, April 10, 2011

catching up...

We have really been enjoying these pretty days that are finally here! We felt land-locked for so long after the twins were born, and now we can get out and about! They LOVE to swing together at the park!! Jack just kicks and is hysterical!
They are getting really good at sitting up supported and are working on sitting for short intervals by themselves! I can't believe that they are 5 and 1/2 months old! It is crazy!
Enjoying Spring days in the back yard! Such fun with these little bundles!
Uncle Brad came to visit and we were SO excited to see him! Thanks for coming, Uncle Brad...we love you!!!
I know everyone thinks that Jack looks like me, and I think so too, but I really do see some of the "Turner" family in him...and Brad looks just like the Turner's (Cal's mom's family)...I see Brad in Jack sometimes...and so does Cal! It is amazing how their looks pass down!


Meg said...

They are just so big and so perfect, congrats girly, you deserve this picture perfect fam!

Jeni said...

I see a lot of Brad in Jack from the pictures you have on the blog. I wondered if anyone else had noticed it :) Jeni