Friday, May 7, 2010

Show us your life...

Kelly's Korner is hosting a "show us your life" day with the theme of "Your kids....or future kids names)

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

I thought this sounded like too much fun to pass up....since there are 2 little people on the way to join our family!

I have ALWAYS, to a point of obsession, worked on names for my future children. It is funny that as a teenager you don't think about the fact that you have to AGREE with someone else on the names that you pick for your children. haha

So....this is probably crazy, but I remember sitting on the back porch of my house in college talking with Cal about what we would name our future children....LONG before we were even engaged. We just "knew", I here they are, in no particular order:

We have 2 boy names:

Jack Turner Laney

Jack was my papa's name. I have always loved the name, but in college, I decided that I wanted to carry on the legacy of this great man that I never "really" met. He was such a strong and honest man from the stories that I hear. The story of his name is so cool too....Jack was the the 7th son, and back in the day in "back-woods" Mississippi, the 7th son was some sort of special "omen". His parents never named him and even took him to people homes when they were sick, thinking that he was a healer of some sort. ha...They called him "son". When he got to 1st grade, the teacher asked him his name and he said, "son". The teacher insisted that he MUST have a name, so he thought of the poem "Little Jack Horner"...and he then named himself "Jack".

Turner is Cal's mother's maiden name. It is also Cal's brother's middle name. I just love the name. The Turner name is also a strong name that we want to pass on to our child.

Reid Allen Laney

Reid is obviously my maiden name and carried on the legacy of my father, and his father. I was always told by my grandpa Edward (whom by the way was also a twin) to always, "Keep the Reid name and keep it good...always keep your commitments and keep your word". What a great name and lesson behind it to pass on to our child.

Allen is Cal's middle name...and we all know how awesome he is!!! :)

Our 2 girl names:

Kaler Marie Laney

Kaler is my grandmother's maiden name. There is also a VERY little town in KY named after her family. My grandmother was an amazing woman...and she spoiled me to death LOL. I would be so proud to pass her name on to our little girl.

Marie is Cal's grandmother's name and she is just the most amazing woman you would ever want to meet. She is strong, determined and such a classy, southern lady. I would only hope that our little girl has some of the qualities that she possesses.

Lucille "Lucy" Adair Laney

Lucille is Cal's great grandmother's name. Cal's dad's grandmother. I am not sure the whole story of Lucille, but I know that she was someone special to Chuck (Cal's dad). I want to sit down one day and really hear about this wonderful woman.

Adair is my mom's middle name and my middle can't break tradition! :)

...and I am sure you are wondering, if these twins are a boy and a girl, what would there names be....I will have to be honest and say we are not sure.

The boy would definitely be Jack Turner, but the girl name is still between Kaler and Lucy???

What do ya'll think???

This was fun...thanks for humoring me! LOL


Meredith said...

Love the family names! Can't wait to find out what they are!

Meg said...

Love baby names, I love both Jack and Lucy and I think they make an awesome brother/sister name combo!

I love you note about Allen being Cal's middle name and we all know how cool he is. Yes we do. :)

*Jill* said...

Adair, those are beautiful names! I think I like Lucy best too ;) I've got to participate in this one, even if I'm a day late. I can't WAIT to find out about the Laney twins. I think it might just end up being Lucy and Kaler!

Ginna Abbey said...

Cute names!!! I don't think you can go wrong with any of them!

Amanda said...

BEAUTIFUL names! <3 I think I like Kaler for a girl... only b/c it is so unique & I really love unique names! :) But they are all wonderful!

Nishant said...

Love the family names!
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