Sunday, March 7, 2010

Update on the Laney Fam

Well, the past couple of weeks have been semi-uneventful. We are still trying to sale our house and have had the same people come by 3 times. They came by today and rang the doorbell...shady! We were glad to let them come in and look, but my dad told me I was NOT to leave while they are there again. They seem rather harmless....but you never know!
Cal has been working like mad and school seems to be winding more week before Spring break....and all of you teachers know that after Spring break it is all downhill from there! woo hoo! I am not teaching in I am sort of sad to know that this is my last couple of months in the classroom for a little while. We just made the decision for me to sub for a while next year. I am also going to be working on a few other ventures that I will disclose at a later time. We are looking diligently online at houses and think that we have narrowed down our neighborhood. My cousin, our realtor, has gone by and checked out a few of the houses. After doing this quick move once before when we moved from Jackson to Bham...I know that going up to Lexington any sooner than late April is really just a waste of time. We can't do anything as far as buying until we sale this house. I have my cousin on the hunt in the meantime! We are getting more and more excited about our move!

This weekend has been FABULOUS! We have enjoyed time out in the sun...finally!
I will leave you with a recent picture of the cutest dog EVER!!! :)

I have also updated my Project Portfolio with some new items! I am not monogramming at the moment- but will begin again this summer after the move. click HERE to see some of the latest.


The Haymans said...

OMG...look at that precious angel!!! We are on spring break too next week. For once, this year has Flown by! Definitely makes a difference when you're really happy somewhere.Miss you girly!!

Meg said...

Love the picture, she is such a cutie. I hope you get your home sold soon and I really hope you start monogramming sooner rather than later (my friend is due with a baby girl in July and I can see all sorts of adorably monogrammed clothing)!