Thursday, February 4, 2010

random thoughts...

So...this is how little Caroline (now a 2nd grader) does her work in the morning. Her 2nd grade teacher was walking around the room and looked over to see THIS sitting on Caroline's desk. Ahhhh the little things that make you smile. Our school has a silent auction every year and the teachers do things like: "Lunch with Mrs. Laney", "Pancakes with the Pattons", "Dine with Mrs. Dempster"... and so on. The parents then bid on the item that their child wants the most. Well, this little girl, whom I taught when she was in Kindergarten, stood post by my auction item, which was obviously "Lunch with Mrs. Laney", and made sure that NO ONE else out bid her. Her poor parents were then forced to pay the fee in order to have their dear daughter be able to have lunch with me! ha! Along with the bid item that she won- she was also given the photo that accompanied the auction item on the table. She obviously loves the picture and keeps it on her desk while she does her work. Maybe she hears me saying, "Do your best! You are the best!"...I hope so at least! ha
I haven't posted in a while- January has been a crazy blur! You can see some of the projects that I have been working on HERE. Also, we put our house on the market and are slowly packing and getting ready for the big move to LEX! I have been finishing up my final projects as a provisional in Junior League, we hosted supper club at our house, hosted bunco at our house, went to Jackson and went to 3 showers, had some crazy Memphis girls come visit me and had an Open House last Sunday. Like I said, our month has been SUPER crazy! :)
I know that I already "put it all out there"...but now I am going back into the proverbial "closet". Yes, yes, I am aware that when you come "out of the closet" you can't ever really go back in the "closet"...but I can keep things private again. You all now know where Cal are in our journey to become parents, and all that I would ever want from you would be for you to pray that God does His will in our situation. That is all that I want...just His will. I want His will done more than I want anything else~ so that is where we are. Any procedure that is done from this point on will be private- between Cal and I- like it should be!
We truly appreciate all of your prayers and support! God knows the specifics and He will handle them in His time! What a great, peaceful truly know that! :)
I can't believe that I don't have more pictures to post- obviously a lot has gone on that should have been photographed. Friends- if any of you that were at these said events took any pictures- please email them to me ASAP!
Have a great week!

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Anonymous said...

i remember Lunch with Mrs. Laney!! OMG, the kids go crazy trying to get a lunch date with you!! lol...I like how she has your pic on her desk..that is beyond awesome! You are such an amazing teacher! Praying for you and Cal everyday!!!love ya!!