Thursday, August 20, 2009


So... i saw this photo on Mck Mama's blog and laughed so hard i cried.. is this not the most amazing thing you have ever seen. LOVE it!
Anyway.... school is going GREAT!- here are a few pics of my classroom:

GOSH....I am going to miss this school.... (not going to think about it yet)

I have the SWEETEST group this year.... God would have it so that I could leave with a bang! I am loving every minute of it!

OH....Cal decided to cook out literally EVERYTHING in our deep freeze the other day....
we were up until midnight trying to do all of it haha!Look who is SOOOOO in thier element! ha- like a kid at Christmas~
How cute is he?
So...we cooked all of the meat (deer, duck, lamb) in our house, and are STILL eating it- 1 week later....but hey, I'm glad because the less I have to cook during the 1st week of school the better! :)
Hope everyone is having a great week!
If you have a chance- read Psalm 13- great chapter during times of adversity- a constant reminder to ALWAYS sing unto the Lord- How GREAT is our God! (always)


Mrs. Wade said...

Adair will you email me how you do/monitor centers??

Room looks great!!!

mrosev14 said...

Aw your old classroom is fabulous! Are you teaching in a new school since the move? Have you been assigned a classroom and everything?

I love the photo of Cal grilling in his scrubs...that would be me...with the exception to meat since I'm a vegetarian and with the exception to the scrubs since I refuse to wear them inside after being in the hospital since I heard the story of the nurse that brought MRSA home to her good.

I also laughed hysterically when I saw that post on MckMama's blog--it's hysterical!

*Jill* said...

Love and hugs to you my dear! I've been praying that God will walk with you and show you the way that you should go according to His will!

Anonymous said...

aww...i Miss your classroom so much!! when you get a chance you have to put pictures of the students in your room. Are they a different group than last year?? I miss them so much!! I love what you did with the room though, it looks great!!

Neicy said...

love the classroom and the photo's of the "WORLD'S FAMOUS GOURMET CHEF". (lol) love you