Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A whole lotta bloggin...

Well...yeah...so I'm a teacher and it is the END of the year...so blogging has kinda taken a back burner for a while. I have been so busy my head has been spinning! Here is a quick catch up of our lives lately:
"The kids" made these cute canvases for their moms for mothers day (with my help of course ha) - the moms loved them!!!

drumroll please.............here is my FIRST monogramming project!! The ribbon and monogram are really a very bright purple- but for some reason looks blue in the picture. I made it as a birthday present for my mother-in-law... she had curly hair growing up and got the nickname "Suzy-Q"- Cal and I thought it would be fun for a gardening basket! What do ya'll think??

Brad graduated from Law school and Luke a.k.a. "Laser" graduated from undergrad! We are so proud of them both!!!(FYI Brad and Laser are Cal's younger brothers)

Brad and his traditional graduation picture with his mom!
The whole Laney crew...
Brad, Suzan, Cal, Mimi, Luke, and Chuck
Internal Medicine Spring Party
Lissette, Areta, Elizabeth, Leah, Sarah and I
me and Cal
Lissette and I...

Elizabeth gettin her groove on...

I am going to be SO much better about blogging when this school year is over! Who else is a teacher and understands??? :)


Jaycee said...

Oh, I soooo understand! Great pics!

By: thompsonfamily said...

Those canvas paintings are ADORABLE! If Jack came home with one of those, we would definitely have to hang it on the wall!! Too cute.

Sorry we missed you guys at the IM party! We left after the skits. :-)

The Haymans said...

You are absolutely NOT out of the deal. This is just something extra to sell. We still need shirts and stuff like that.

When you get a chance, post on Oopsiedaisie...put that bag on there. I think the log in is oopsiedaisiedesigns@gamil.com

mrosev14 said...

Not a teacher, but a student. I completely understand. I too will be better about blogging when I go on break...BTW, those mother's day projects are awesome! They are super creative and beautiful.

Kristin said...

I love the canvases and the monogrammed basket is precious! I wish I had a machine that monogrammed like that!! If you have a chance, let me know what kind you have :)