Friday, March 30, 2012

SUYL (show us your life) Moms of Multiples

 I am linking up to Kelly's Korner (Show us your life- Moms of multiples) today! After a long time of wanting and praying for children, God granted us a miracle in Jack and Lucy... our 17 month old bouncing toddler, boy-girl twins! They are a challenge and a blessing! I delivered Jack and Lucy at 38 weeks after a crazy-rocky pregnancy which included living in the hospital on a magnesium drip for 2 months and being on bedrest from 23 weeks on... It was so worth it! I got HUGE... and that was worth it too, but it is something that I am STILL working on 17 months later LOL! Jack was 6 lbs and 2 oz and Lucy was 7 lbs and 9 oz! I do NOT regret all of that bed-time and FOOD... (oh, and snicker's bars) hehe!
This was the day before my scheduled C-section... I was HUGE....
They were HUGE.. it's all good... ha
And here they are today... Baby A- Jackson Turner, and Baby B- Lucille Adair
Welcome to our crazy twin world! :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

back on the band-wagon... at least for now! ;)

We have had quite the busy past couple of months. To say I have been a terrible blogger is an understatement.. I haven't even been a blogger... I have told myself everyday, today is the day! I am getting back into blogging... right before I fall head-first into my bed and do not move again until the next day! ha! Caring to TWO very busy toddlers is not for the weak of heart folks.. let me just tell you that! I have been burdened by the number of people and even a few my very close friends that say, "HOW do you have it so together?" SHOOT!~ I DO NOT! I struggle from one minute to the next each day. I was truly inspired by a friends blog the other day.... Nicole... confessions of a stay at home mom... All 2 of you that read my blog... if you get the chance... READ this! I want to point out that when I post on here or post on facebook, I really do usually put the good things, because, bless his heart- Cal gets to hear all of the tears and grunts and growns  (which I am trying so hard to stop doing) Anywho... I do struggle on a day to day basis... over an abundance of things. What will I feed them for breakfast? Will they eat it? Am I wasting my time? Will Jack eat it or throw it on the floor? How will I put this foot in front of the other? and so on...
As you can tell, food is my primary struggle. I have always had a hard to feed child and an easy to feed child. Jack turned the corner around 1 year, and began to eat us out house and home, while Lucy decided she better watch her figure. (With twins, you never get a break, folks.. I tell ya) So now that Lucy is back on the eating band-wagon, Jack has decided to get off! AHHHH!!!! Why can't we all just be on the same page here, people?!? If you are reading this and can give me some light at the end of the tunnel... please do! Will it get better? Please tell me that one day I will walk in to find my teenage son ravaging my refrigerator!?! That is the image I try to always put in my mind... while the child has only had TWO pieces of toast ALL DAY! really?!?
While food is an issue... sleeping hasn't been! BUT NOW IT IS!!!!!  I am trying to decide how to switch to one nap. It is such a challenge because, Lucy still needs 2 and Jack doesn't. I know I just need to put him in a seperate room during naptime, but I just really don't want to start something that I can't change again. They have always slept 12 hours at night... I mean starting at 2 months old... they SLEPT!! NOW... I am hearing talking on the monitor at 4 in the morning... not to worry... I turn that sucker down and go right back to sleep... but still! 4 IN THE MORNING?!?  So, obviously, they are getting too much sleep and rest during the day and need to drop some hours.. so any advice on that would be appreciated as well! :)
Now that all of that is off of my chest.. here are a few pictures as of late... cuteness that would never shed any light on the real demise we have been going through lately... cuteness that would make one "think"... "ahhh... she has such cute, perfect children".... NOPE, folks, I don't! BUT... they are cute if I do say so myself! hehe
Daphne and her momma, Rachel (whom also happens to be one of my dearest friends) came to visit over the weekend of March 10- isn't she a DOLL!!!
Cal and the sweet littles enjoying St. Pattys....
 our new water table that has allowed for many hours of fun....
 My parents came to stay with Jack and Lucy while I went to FL for my friend, Mindy's wedding! It was a nice trip! I was dreading it... but once I got there... the nerves died down and the twins did wonderfully all weekend! yay! Now, when can I plan my next trip?!? ha
 The rare pictrue of me with my babies...
 such a ham...
 cheesin it! (I have no idea where she would have gotten her ability to "pose" so well) haha