Friday, February 27, 2009

New Recipes- I promise! and Valentine Pics!

I have prepared and taken pics of several different meals this week- but have yet to actually upload the pics and I left my camera at home today. ugh! I promise I will get to it this weekend after the family leaves- I have some really yummy recipes to share! We have had a crazy busy week! Every night there has been something going on in our world. We had math night at school last night and Cal was on call. I didn't get home until 7:30 and then prepared meals for my mother-in-law and grandmother for tonight. I was busy busy yesterday.
On to another topic:
My student teacher is a photographer and took some priceless pictures of our Valentine party two weeks ago. She gave me the disc yesterday and I had chills! I have GOT to get one of these cameras!!! I just had to share a few with you that had children in them with a media release. They are just so beautiful!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

OH WOW!, if I were famous!, and Sweet Melissa!

OH WOW- is all that I have to say about that!! Robert Pattinson sure looked good at the Oscars...and when he looks up over his eyebrows like he does- ahhhh- doesn't it just gives you chills and make you wonder if just MAYBE he really is a vampire??? ~ wouldn't it be nice!!!haha! Who else loves Edward Cullen??? If I were famous... I would've tried on all these dresses for the Oscars!
BUT... I would've worn THIS one!!! ahhhhhh so pretty!!!
On to another topic....
Who watches the Bachelor???
I LOVE sweet Melissa!!! Do you think that he is going to propose even though he didn't meet her parents- or do you think that just maybe sweet Melissa's mom and dad might make a surprise appearance?? What do you think??? Do you think he is going to propose???

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Creative Folks!!

Guys- check out these sights for embroidery and invitations:
Ashley, a sorority sister, has just started this blog for her business:
Great Day Graphics and Designs
Robin, a friend here in Bham, has just started this blog for her business:
Robin Made

Check them out: they have some really great stuff!!!

Adair Flair

As I was posting this morning on other people's blogs that I do not even know- it occurred to me that our family's full name was right out in the open for all to see. That made me a bit uncomfortable, so I have changed things around so that only our 1st names will be available to the public. This is still our "family" blog- but mostly my own personal on-line diary. I got the name for the blog from the always endearing term that my husband uses to describe my undying, sometimes extravagant, need to accessorize excessively when dressing! haha! He always says- "Gotta add the "Adair Flair"!!" I thought that would be an appropriate title for the blog- since the blog is just that- my "Adair Flair"
Here is the Webster's dictionary definition of the word "flair"- which I find to be all too perfect! :)
1. a skill or instinctive ability to appreciate or make good use of something
2. a uniquely attractive quality
What do ya'll think? good title???

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Babies, Babies!!

It's a Girl!!!! (the hat proudly displays)- The Hughes are getting ready to welcome their baby girl Lily in March! We had a great time tonight at a couples shower for them. They are the sweetest couple and are going to be AMAZING parents- We can't wait to meet Miss Lily!
It's a Girl!!!!
Isn't she the CUTEST pregnant lady you have EVER seen!!!!
all of the girls!
Leah, Micheal, and their sweet baby girl Bailey

We had a great time celebrating this monumental event with good friends!!

A Neighborhood Fiesta!

Keaton and Kaleb are TWO!!! Terrible 2's here we come! We had a great time celebrating with our dear friends for their twin boy's Bday party today! Her are a few shots from the fun-filled day!
This is the veiw from our cul de sac! Yes- of course- I jumped in the "jumpy thing" haha
Me and AVA!!! hahahahahaha!!!
Is there anything cuter than this?- cousinly love!
Kaleb- thinking about where he should go next!
"Where should i dump this cup-cake?"
Kaleb and Keaton freaking out b/c 30 people are singing "Happy Birthday" haha- they didn't quite know what to think! :)
The Bday cake- it was a "monkey" theme- b/c they are our little monkeys!
We had more fun than a barrel of monkeys!
"Hey Aunt Adair"- "Wanna come in?"
The cookies that I made for the festivities!
We LOVE you Kaleb and Keaton!!!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Cal!!!

Happy Birthday to my Calaney!!!!
Happy Birthday to my Sweet Husband! I hope that you have an amazing day. I can't even express into words what you mean to me. Thank you for being my best friend and my rock. You always believe in me and that is something that doesn't go unnoticed. Thank you for always sharing the load and giving 100% in every thing that you do! I love you so very very very very much!!! I LOVE YOU TOO DADDY and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! LOVE- AVA!!!! ruff ruff!!
P.S.- Isn't my hubby the most handsome man you have EVER seen!! :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pass the Word and sad news from Kindergarten

I know I posted about this a long time ago- but just wanted to send out a reminder for any of you that may read today. Please pass along this information: The 1st meeting is tonight at 6:30. Please email me at if you know of anyone that might be interested in coming- we will be meeting again in early March.
Sad news from Kindergarten:
Our hamster, Teeny Sugar, went on to the great hampster heaven in the sky over the weekend. It was really hard telling the kids, but I want them to know that death is part of life, and that we didn't just send Teeny Sugar to the "farm". We read a book called the "The Tenth Good Thing About Barney" which is about a little boy that looses his cat. The book talks about where the pet might go after dying and about how the pet makes flowers grow in the ground. The kids made up their own list about the things that we loved about Teeny Sugar. Here is a picture of the poster that they made: so cute!!

Death is a hard topic to approach with 5 year olds: Have any of you appoached this differently???- I'd love to hear other ideas: I'm sure our other hampster "Sergio" will not be far behind "Teeny Sugar"- so please give me your suggestions!??!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

A New Friend!!

Hello All and Happy Monday!!! Ava haw a new friend next door!!! yay! Our neighbor, Kevin, found this Siberian Husky-mix puppy under some brush as they were clearing a field on Saturday. They seriously saved this puppy's life. He was eaten up with bugs and fleas. They took him to the vet and got him all cleaned up. On Saturday, all he wanted to do was sleep...but Sunday, he was a bit more active, and today- Well- you can see for yourself in the video- he is a full-blown puppy now! We know he is part siberian husky- but we can't figure out what the other part is- What do ya'll think???

Here is the video of Ava and the pup playing- notice the tail biting going on haha- Ava is scared to death of him for some reason- she will attack the biggest lab- but for some reason will not let this dog get near her- notice how she freezes when he approaches her...haha

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Recipe blog

Check out my new recipe blog! I'm so excited that I created the button myself!!! YAY!!! I am going to upload my recipes to this blog and save our family blog for things that go on with Cal and I! I'm so excited! The button to the left will always link you to the recipe blog!

Thank you Mom and Dad!!!

Thank you Mom and Dad for the coat that you gave me money for on my bday 3 months ago - I just had to wait to find the perfect one- here it is- I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like to twirl in it! :)

A very special Valentines night

Cal and I celebrated Valentine's Day last night- Cal is on call today on Vday. Here are a few pics from the night:

This is Cal's little setup of presents from me- the flowers in the picture are from my student teacher Ale' to me (how sweet is that!). The dog in the pic came from a student to me yesterday and ended up becoming one of Ava's new favorite toys- I am posting the video of her obsession with it at the end of this post! ha!

This was Cal's main present from me: we are slowly collecting things for Cal's office one day: (I thought it would match the duck hunting theme that I know the office will have... haha)

This was my little spread of presents from Cal- I will definately be reading my present this weekend- the LAST Twilight book- SOOOO sad- I can't believe I'm about to be through with the whole series!!! (Ale'- I hit the nail right on the head didn't I??...haha- I can't wait to see what Alex did for you!!!)

Cal and I cooked out steaks from Mr. P's deli (the best filet in the USA- i swear!) we also had sweet potatoes, brocoli and cheese casserole, and yummy rolls. And for desert......this is what we had...

O.K.- there is a perfectly good reason that this nasty- cheap bottle of Andre' pink champagne is sitting on my kitchen counter. Some of you that are reading this already know this story- but for those of you that don't- here goes: On our very first date- Cal called me and said."What do you want to eat tonight, and what can I pick you up to drink?". Well, my response was this, "Why don't we just pick up Abner's chicken, and I would like Andre' pink champagne." (yes- i had very poor taste at the time ha) So- My, ummm, how should I say this???..... "very frugal" husband instantly fell in love with me. He was VERY excited about the cheap dinner and 3$ bottle of champagne..hahaha! So- we kicked it up a notch last night and poured ourselves a glass of Andre' pink champagne for old times sake.

and chocolate covered strawberries...

...and here we are with our little desert!!! :)
After our dinner and desert- we watched the movie "Fireproof"- a very powerful movie! If you haven't seen it- GO get it NOW!!!! It was wonderful!
As promised- here is a video of Ava and her new toy- which she will now not let out of her sight- haha- she is hillarious!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mexican and friends- always a good combination!

We had a nice dinner the other night with good friends Adam and Brynnen. They are seriously two of the sweetest people that we know. They have always been there for Cal and have always made me feel like I am just as special. We really enjoyed sitting and talking for hours with old friends! Here are a few pictures from the night:
Adam and Brynnen
Cal and Adam- they are so sweet- I have a toothache! ha!
They have been best friends since kindergarten! aw!
Cal and Adam
Cal and Adam- back in the day!! haha!(you can't see this picture very well sorry)
Me and Cal